About Us

Shandong Hosea Chemical Co., Ltd.(here after as Hosea Chem) is located in Weifang city, Shandong province, China, the company is committed to cellulose ether, chlorine, Hydroxide, Nitrate and High End Chemicals  research, development, manufacture and sales, widely used in  food, textile printing and dyeing, ceramics, paper making, washing, building materials, electronics, instrumentation, metallurgy, oil chemical industry, etc.

Relying on the advantages of Shandong chemical industry, through the supply of chemicals to domestic and foreign markets, always strictly manage the entire trade process, has formed a complete Quality control system, Price control system, Delivery time control system, Trade operation process system.

Hosea Chem pays attention to the individual needs of each customer, actively participates in and supports customer's project development,pays close attention to and follows up the process of products, provides reliable guarantee for customer's project development,forms close strategic partnership with customers, and grows together with customers.

By providing customers with high quality chemicals in consistent, stable and safe manner, Hosea Chem is dedicated to supporting customers in their purchasing cost down plan, and becoming one of the most efficient and most reliable links in the customer's value chain.

Hosea Chem, a partner you could rely on!···

Factory Overview:

Factory - Hosea Chem Storehouse - Hosea Chem Hosea Chem Production Workshop - No.112C

hosea chem Product loading and unloading station Hosea Chem Heat Exchange Station Hosea Chem Reaction kettle workshop

Hosea Chem Storage tank area Hosea Chem Production area Hosea Chem Factory

Office Overview:

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Hosea Chem Shouguang Office Hosea Chem Weifang Office Hosea Chem Weicheng Office

Company Culture:

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Team building-Hosea Chem Team building-Hosea Chem Team building-Hosea Chem