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Application of potassium hydroxide in dyeing industry


Potassium hydroxide has a certain toxicity, but it also has a great role in many industries, among which it has alkaline, today mainly to share with you is its application in the printing and dyeing industry.


1. Soda coloring is slow, is due to the addition of alkali caused by the color flower rate greatly reduced, especially more sensitive to color, not only reduce the time of alkali, but also can greatly reduce the color flower dyeing production of many defects, effectively improve product quality and reduce maintenance, cost savings. Potassium hydroxide instead of the solid color of soda soda, even in the use of 1/10 of the amount of soda soda instead of premise also can ensure that there is enough color, in the process of operation accidentally added excessive product will not affect the color of the fiber.


2. Due to the use of less solid alkali, so it is easy to clean after dyeing, greatly reduce the alkali dyes after dyeing due to the cleaning of white spots, and has better than soda water rubbing fastness and washing fastness.


3. Reduce the number of washing after dyeing, save "pickling", make the fiber neutral, shorten the process time and reduce the cost.


4. Because of the nearly ten times of soda ash and multiple washing, the dyeing residual COD value is low, and the treatment load of dyeing wastewater is reduced to reduce environmental pollution, which also creates favorable conditions for the expansion of the plant.


5. Potassium hydroxide is also suitable for a variety of reactive dyes, so it has strong adaptability, high gloss and reproducible, so it is an excellent dyeing material, especially in low bath ratio and the advantages of aerosol dyeing machine show more obvious, you can try.