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The main uses of potassium nitrate and matters needing attention in transportation


The main uses of potassium nitrate


1. It is the manufacture of potassium nitrate, mine explosives, dyes and other raw materials. A nitrating agent for the manufacture of dye intermediates.

2. Nitrates all have the effect of early strength, especially in low temperature, negative temperature as early strength, antifreeze. It is also the raw material for the manufacture of potassium nitrate, mine explosives, picric acid and dyes. A nitrating agent used in the manufacture of dye intermediates

3. Used as an analytical reagent, such as an oxidant. Also used in synthetic dyes, drugs, fireworks and explosives

4. Used as fertilizer in enamel, glass, dyestuff industry, medicine and agriculture


Potassium nitrate transport matters needing attention


1. Whether in the warehouse or the factory trailer to pick up the goods, sodium nitrate in the process of land transportation, the product should be covered, to prevent rain, damp.

2. When stored, it should be stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse. Should prevent rain, damp, and avoid direct sunlight.

3. It should avoid transportation and storage with acids, metal powder, wood chips, gauze, paper, sugar, sulfur and other organic flammable substances, reducing substances.

4. In handling and palletizing, it should be handled with care to prevent friction and collision. The spacing between palletizing and palletizing and between palletizing and wall should be maintained at 0.7m to 0.8m.