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What is the effect of phthalic anhydride? What are the hazards of phthalic anhydride?


Under normal conditions, phthalic anhydride can be hydrolyzed to form anthraquinone derivatives after the reaction with aromatic hydrocarbons.

The use of phthalic anhydride in industry is more extensive, phthalic anhydride can replace the use of phthalic acid, and unitary alcohol reaction can form dibutyl phthalate, phthalic acid and other ester substances. So what does phthalic anhydride do?


In real life, phthalic anhydride is a very important plasticizer. Phthalic anhydride can be condensed with polyols to form polyaryl ester resin,

At present, it is mainly used in the paint industry. When combined with ethylene glycol and unsaturated acids, an unsaturated polyester resin is formed, which can be used to make insulating paints and fiberglass reinforced plastics.


Phthalic anhydride is also one of the important raw materials for the synthesis of benzoic acid, and can also be used in medical applications.

Phthalic anhydride application scope is more extensive, especially in the area of industrial chemicals, more has a broad prospect, but the phthalic anhydride is easy to cause certain harm to human body, serious when still can endanger the health of people, especially the eyes, nose and throat and the stimulating effect of the skin has more obvious, severe cases are likely to cause skin burns. After careless inhalation, can also cause cough, sneeze and other respiratory diseases.


Phthalic anhydride in the process of use, easy to leak phenomenon, once appear the phenomenon of leakage, should isolation leakage pollution area, forbid other people literally in and out, at the same time, suggest emergency response staff also need to be protective measures, wear a self-contained breathing apparatus, in acid and alkali resistant overalls, avoid direct contact with the leakage. After a small amount of leakage, dust should be avoided and collected in a dry, clean container with a clean shovel.


Hosea Chem, above to introduce you to some of phthalic anhydride efficacy and need to be aware of relevant matters, the character of phthalic anhydride is solid, is an important raw material in chemical industry, however, if use undeserved cause certain side effects to human body, easy to cause some respiratory diseases such as cough, sneeze, recommend at the time of use, Corresponding protective measures should be taken so as not to induce some unnecessary injuries.