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Five reasons why sodium nitrite has become an essential admixture for construction


The application of sodium nitrite in concrete building is very wide, different regions, different environments, different temperatures of the construction of the need for sodium nitrite to carry out different performance deployment, sodium nitrite has become the construction of the necessary admixture products five reasons:

1. Sodium nitrite antifreeze: winter construction, low temperature on the concrete structure is easy to cause water seepage increase, building cracks, strength reduction and other building problems. Sodium nitrite as antifreeze, can minimize the impact of freezing damage, to ensure the quality and performance of the building.

2. Sodium nitrite rust removal: reinforced concrete building steel is prone to rust problem, rust will destroy the building strength and toughness. Sodium nitrite can effectively control and reduce the corrosion of steel bars, prolong the service life of steel bars, and improve the corrosion resistance ability of steel bars in corrosive environment.

3. Sodium nitrite, coagulant, the coagulation time of concrete construction standards, the use of sodium gluconate retarder, more concrete initial setting time, time is too long has damage to the building in the early detection, sodium nitrite can enhance construction promote coagulation, ensuring that the construction of the coagulation time meet the national standards.

4. Sodium nitrite early strength: retarder and other additives on the initial strength of concrete has a weakening effect, the stronger the plasticization, the weaker the initial strength. Sodium nitrite in antifreeze, early setting, can improve the hardening degree of cement and cement strength.

5. Sodium nitrite harmonization: sodium nitrite has the function of harmonizing the performance of different characteristics of cement, improve the corrosion resistance ability of poor corrosion resistance, strengthen the strength of cement, hardening speed is slow to improve the degree of hardening, poor frost resistance to enhance the antifreeze effect of concrete.


The above five properties of sodium nitrite is the main reason for sodium nitrite to become the guarantee of high performance concrete building construction. In the future with higher requirements for construction quality, the application prospect of sodium nitrite will also be broader!--- HOSEA CHEM