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Pseudoplasticity Of Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose Solution


When the shear rate is very small, the viscosity of the CMC solution remains basically unchanged, which is a Newtonian fluid. When the shear rate increases, the viscosity of the solution is not a fixed constant, that is, the CMC solution at this time The apparent viscosity decreases with the increase of the cutting speed.

This pseudo plastic phenomenon is of great significance for industrial application guidance, that is, when the CMC solution is at rest, it exhibits high viscosity, which is extremely effective for stabilizing suspensions and emulsions. When shearing force is added (such as pouring, stirring, mixing, and even Quality treatment, pump delivery, etc.), its viscosity will decrease with the increase of the cutting speed, but when the shearing force stops, it will immediately return to the original viscosity.

This is manifested in the food industry as follows: it is suitable for homogenization in the production of ice cream, it helps to improve the efficiency of homogenization; when making food, it is easy to pipe, and improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption; make food have a good taste, The shearing force formed by chewing and the rotation of the tongue reduces the viscosity, feels refreshing and delicate, and is also conducive to the release of flavor.