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Application Of Carboxymethyl Cellulose In Paper Industry


The main role of carboxymethyl cellulose in the paper industry:

(1) Pigment coating

Control and adjust the rheology of the coating and the dispersibility of the pigment to increase the solid content of the coating;

Make the coating pseudo plastic and increase the coating speed of the coating;

Enhance the water retention of coatings and prevent the migration of water-soluble adhesives;

It has good film-forming properties and improves the gloss of the coating;

Increase the retention rate of the brightener in the coating and increase the whiteness of the paper;

Improve the lubricity of the coating, improve the quality of the coating, and extend the service life of the scraper.

(2) Add in slurry

Improve refining efficiency, promote fiber refinement, and shorten beating time;

Adjust the electric potential in the pulp, evenly disperse the fibers, improve the "papermaking performance" of the paper machine, and further improve the sheet forming;

Improve the retention rate of various additives, fillers and fine fibers;

Increase the bonding force between fibers and improve the physical properties of paper;

Used in conjunction with dry and wet strength agents, it can improve the dry and wet strength of the finished paper;

Protect rosin, AKD and other internal sizing agents to enhance the sizing effect.

(3) Surface sizing

Has good rheology and film-forming properties;

Reduce paper pores and improve the oil resistance of paper;

Increase the brightness and gloss of the paper;

Increase the stiffness and smoothness of the paper, and control curling;

Increase the surface strength and abrasion resistance of the paper, reduce lint and powder, and improve printing quality.