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How To Use Sodium Nitrite To Prevent Rust?


Bearing rust prevention:

1. The semi-finished products and finished products are rinsed with sodium nitrite aqueous solution once a day, and the semi-finished bearing rings are sprayed to prevent rust. The effect is also the same.

2. Immerse the bearing ring in the rust-preventing tank in an aqueous solution of 5% sodium nitrite and 0.6% sodium carbonate.

3. After washing the product by dip coating with concentrated sodium nitrite solution, immerse it in a solution containing 15%-20% sodium nitrite and 0.6% sodium carbonate, and then pile it up. Using this method, the anti-rust period is relatively short, generally only 7-14 days, and in the rainy season, due to the wet weather, it can only be maintained for 2-3 days before it must be reprocessed, which requires labor and money.

Spraying type anti-rust:

1. Equipment purchase and construction According to the amount of semi-finished products stored, an intermediate warehouse should be established. The ground uses a cement floor, and a walkway, about 1.5m, can be set in the middle to pass the trolley of the bearing ring. Put a pool of sodium nitrite solution at the end of the channel, the solution formula is 5%-10% sodium nitrite plus 0.6% sodium carbonate, and make a drain on the ground, and then pile the bearing rings on the floor on both sides Above, there is a 0.6m walkway between each pile of bearing rings. It can be said that the intermediate storage is designed to be about 64m2, and its sodium nitrite aqueous solution pool is 1m3.

2. Process method Rinse with sodium nitrite aqueous solution once every morning. The aqueous solution is sucked from the pool by a water pump and passed to the shower head through a rubber pipe, and the bearing ring is washed like a shower. The washed aqueous solution flows back to the pool from the backwater ditch. On the upper layer of the pool at the end of the backwater ditch, a filter is made of fine wire mesh and gauze so that textile dust and dirt flow into the pool. The intermediate storehouse should maintain the quality and cleanliness. The solution in the pool is tested every 2 days and supplemented according to the test results. The replacement period of the solution in the pool is carried out according to different months. It is completely changed every 2 weeks from April to September, and once every month from October to March of the following year.

Rust prevention and rust removal of medical equipment:

1 Use 10% or 45% sodium nitrite to remove rust: add 0.5% sodium nitrite to a chemical disinfectant to soak surgical instruments (such as scalpels, scissors, etc.) to prevent rust. When the concentration is greater than 10%, It also has the function of rust removal. When the concentration reaches 45% (the saturated concentration of sodium nitrite at room temperature), the rust removal effect of sodium nitrite is the strongest.

2 Configuration method 10% or 45% sodium nitrite has no corrosive effect on the device itself, the greater its concentration, the stronger the effect, and the time is short, the configuration method is easy. Take 45g sodium nitrite and add water to 100ml or 10g sodium nitrite and add water to 100ml to obtain 45% and 10% sodium nitrite solutions.

3 Operation steps: Boil the rusty equipment in boiling water, remove the grease and put it in a sodium nitrite solution and soak for 2 to 4 hours (concentration depends on the amount of equipment to be soaked and the degree of rust), then take it out, brush, dry, and fully After oiling, the equipment is as good as new. If the rust removal is not complete, it can be soaked in sodium nitrite solution again until the rust scale is completely removed.