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Analysis Of The Status Quo Of China's Chloroacetic Acid Industry


1. Overview of the chloroacetic acid industry

Chloroacetic acid, also known as chloroacetic acid or monochloroacetic acid, has two functional groups: carboxyl and chlorine atoms in the molecule, making it useful in pesticides, medicines, dyes, daily chemicals, surfactants, chemical reagents, and paper chemicals, oilfield chemistry, and textile aids. It has a wide range of applications in terms of chemicals, rubber additives, electroplating, and fragrances.

China's chloroacetic acid is mainly used for downstream pesticide production and organic synthesis industry applications, of which organic synthesis industry applications account for more than half of the total chloroacetic acid consumption (containing sodium carboxymethyl cellulose). In addition, chloroacetic acid has a small number of applications in medicine and dyes, and some of it is used for export. With the development of downstream markets, the amount of chloroacetic acid used in downstream organic synthesis and other fields will also be further increased.

2. Analysis of the current market situation of China's chloroacetic acid industry

At present, China's chloroacetic acid production process is mature, the process stability is high, and the process of high-purity products is constantly improving. According to statistics, my country's chloroacetic acid production will be 1.066 million tons in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 9.2%.

3. Analysis of the competitive landscape of my country's chloroacetic acid industry

There are nearly 120 domestic chloroacetic acid production enterprises in China, mainly in North China, East China and other places. The scale of enterprises is less than 20,000 tons per year, and most of them have production capacity of 10,000 to 15,000 tons per year. From the perspective of chloroacetic acid production capacity of various enterprises, Shandong Chemical's production capacity ranks first in the country, with a production capacity of 250,000 tons per year. For a list of specific chloroacetic acid manufacturers, please contact us to view.

4. Analysis of China's chloroacetic acid production process

At present, the main method for large-scale industrial production of chloroacetic acid in China is acetic acid catalytic chlorination. According to the different catalysts, it is divided into sulfuric acid catalytic chlorination and acetic anhydride catalytic chlorination. The two processes are mainly the difference of the effective components of the catalyst. , The domestic acetic anhydride process accounts for about 43% of the total production capacity, and the sulfur process accounts for 57%.

5. Analysis of the main problems in the production of chloroacetic acid

On the whole, the era of high profitability of China's domestic chloroacetic acid has passed. In the future, overcapacity and environmental supervision will become the main limiting factors for the industry. How to achieve technological upgrades and achieve cleaner production is a problem that the industry needs to solve. In addition, from the perspective of the industrial development model, drawing on the successful experience of the development of the domestic chlor-alkali chemical industry, the integrated development of upstream and downstream may become the mainstream trend of the chloroacetic acid industry in the future.