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Method Of Removing Tree Stumps With Potassium Nitrate Chemical Root Remover


1. Drill holes in the stump. Drill a series of holes in the top of the stump with a large-bit drilling machine. Tree stumps will absorb chemicals through these holes, so the holes should be evenly distributed.


2. Use potassium nitrate stump root remover. Most stump root removers are made of powdered potassium nitrate, which reacts with wood to accelerate softening and decay. Check the instructions on the package and apply the root remover to the stump according to the instructions for use.


3. Keep children and animals away from tree stumps. Inhaling the stump removal powder can cause harm to children and pets, so they must not be allowed close to the stump.


4. Check the stump. The stump should begin to soften and rot within a few weeks. When you think it is soft enough to be easily removed, you can do the rest.


5. Cut down the stump. Use an axe or shovel to chop up the softened stump. While cutting, remove the debris until the stump is leveled.


6. Burn the rest with fire. Build a fire on the remaining softened wood and let the fire burn down. This will remove the remaining part of the stump and the roots.


7. Fill the hole formed after treatment with loam. After the fire is finished, dig up the ashes and discard. Fill the hole with loam or other filler, such as sawdust. Over the next few months, continue to add more materials until the ground remains flat.