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Isopropyl alcohol market price fell in November,2023


Price trend-Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol price trend change table

According to the monitoring of Hosea Chem Market Analysis System, the market price of isopropyl alcohol fell in October. The average domestic price of isopropyl alcohol on October 1 was 9,280 yuan/ton, and on November 3, the average price was 8,560 yuan/ton. The price increased during the month, with a range of 7.76%.

Isopropyl Alcohol and Acetone Price Trend Comparison Chart

The market price of isopropyl alcohol fell in October. In the first ten days of the month, the market gradually weakened after the National Day holiday, and the overall trading sentiment was poor. The upstream acetone market acetone market fell, and cost support was weak. In the middle of the year, the acetone market fluctuated and fell, and cost support weakened. Traders are not very enthusiastic about buying goods, and their confidence in market prices is weak. In the second half of the year, petrochemical companies in the upstream acetone lowered their listing prices, weakening support. Downstream, please wait and see and be cautious in purchasing. As of now, most quotations in the isopropyl alcohol market in Shandong are around 8,100-8,300 yuan/ton; most quotations in the isopropyl alcohol market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are around 8,500-8,800 yuan/ton.

Acetone Price Trend Table

In terms of raw material acetone, the domestic market price of acetone dropped in October. The average price of acetone on October 1 was 7807.5 yuan/ton, and the average price on October 27 was 7437.5 yuan/ton. The price dropped during the month by 4.74%. The upstream market is moving downwards, traders are under pressure and eager to ship goods, the downstream market sentiment is sluggish, there are few actual orders, and the focus of negotiations continues to decline.

Propylene Price Trend Table

In terms of propylene, the domestic propylene (Shandong) market fluctuated downwards in October. On October 1, the market averaged 7,270.75 yuan/ton, and on August 27, the average price was 6,963.25 yuan/ton. The price fell by 4.23% during the month. There are plans to start up the device in the market outlook area, and supply is expected to increase. The downstream polypropylene market has weakened, and the news has obvious negative guidance, resulting in weaker trading on the market. Downstream buying is cautious and inventory consumption is the main issue. Upstream inventory consumption is slow, and in order to stimulate shipments, the offer price is lowered.

3. Market Outlook Forecast

Hosea Chem Isopropyl Alcohol Analyst believes that the prices of raw materials acetone and propylene have fallen one after another, and the overall cost support is weak. The overall market trading atmosphere is light, and most downstream and traders maintain a wait-and-see attitude. It is expected that the isopropyl alcohol market may continue to decline slightly in the short term.