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Product Introduction of Sodium Nitrate


Product Name: Sodium Nitrate

Product Category: Inorganic Chemicals/Inorganic Salts

CAS NO: 7631-99-4

EC NO: 231-554-3

UN: 1498

Molecular formula: NaNO3

Appearance: white fine crystals, some with light gray or light yellow

physical properties

Relative molecular weight: 84.99

Relative density: 2.26

Melting point (°C): 308

Decomposition temperature (°C): 380

Solubility: 1g is soluble in 1.1ml of water, 0.6ml of boiling water, 125ml of ethanol, 52ml of boiling ethanol, 3470ml of absolute ethanol, 300ml of anhydrous methanol, and also soluble in liquid ammonia and glycerin.

Chemical properties

It can absorb heat when dissolved in water. When heated above 380°C, it will be decomposed into sodium nitrite and oxygen, nitrogen and oxygen will be released at 400-600°C, nitric oxide will be released at 700°C, and a small amount of nitrogen dioxide and nitrous oxide will be formed at 775-865°C . 

Co-heating with sulfuric acid produces nitric acid and sodium bisulfate. 

And salts can play a metathesis role. is an oxidizing agent. 

Contact with wood chips, cloth, oil and other organic matter can cause combustion and explosion.

Chemical expression NaNO3.

Product Usage

Sodium nitrate is an important chemical raw material, widely used in glass, dyes, explosives, metallurgy, machinery, enamel and other industries.


1. This product should be stored in a ventilated and dry place. Protect from rain, heat and sun exposure.

2. This product should avoid transportation and storage together with acids, metal powder, wood chips, gauze, paper, sugar, sulfur and other organic combustibles and reducing substances.

3. When handling and stacking this product, it should be handled with care to prevent friction and impact.

4. The fire caused by sodium nitrate can be put out with plenty of water.

Product Technical Standards


Quality Standard

Sodium nitrate (on dry basis)                           %≥           99.8         99.7          99.3         98.5              99.3

Sodium nitrite (on dry basis)                            %≤           0.008       0.01          0.02         0.15             0.02

Chloride (NaCl) (on dry basis)                          %≤           0.05         0.25          0.30         — —            0.25

Water insoluble matter (on a dry basis)          %≤            0.01        0.03           0.06         — —           0.03

Moisture                                                           %≤           1.0          1.0             1.5             2.00            0.2

Sodium carbonate content (on a dry basis)     %≤           0.02        0.05           0.10          — —           0.1

Iron (Fe) content                                               %≤          0.002       0.005         — —        — —           0.005

Looseness                                                          ≥             — —       — —         — —        — —            95

Product Introduction of Sodium Nitrate Product Introduction of Sodium Nitrate Product Introduction of Sodium Nitrate