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Seawater Small Cationic Polymer Drilling Fluid


Scope of application:

The small cationic polymer of this system has a certain inhibitory and anti-swelling effect on the clay mineral particles in the sandstone reservoir, and is generally used as a special drilling fluid for the drilling of water-sensitive sandstone reservoirs.

Basic formula (kg/m3):

Pre-hydrated soil                        20~30

Caustic soda                               3~5

Polyanionic Cellulose PAC-HV   3~5

PF-FLO                                       5~10

PF-JFC                                        3~5

PF-TEX                                       5~10

Common performance:

FV:                                            40 ~ 55 s

MW:                                         1.10~1.30 g/cm3

YP:                                            15~25 lb/100ft2

Gel:                                           3~8/5~15

pH:                                            9~10

FL:                                             < 5ml

MBT:                                         < 50 g/l

Maintenance processing:

a. Use caustic soda to control the pH of the system;

b. The pre-hydrated soil used to control the filtration loss and the quality of the mud cake is treated with a diluent such as PF-THIN before adding to protect the glue;

c. When preparing new pulp, first add other treatment agents to the finely dispersed general soil rubber, and finally add small cations;

d. Dilute with dilute glue or treat with PF-THIN to control the sticking and cutting of mud;

e. Use biopolymer XC to increase the yield value and shear force of the mud;

f. PAC-HV and PF-FLO are used to control the viscosity and fluid loss of mud. When the well temperature is high, use temperature-resistant starch PF-FLO HT or NPAN instead of PF-FLO to control the fluid loss of mud;

g. Adding PF-TEX to enhance the anti-slump performance of the system;

h. Add PF-LUBE or PF-WLD to improve the lubricity of the system.

Seawater Small Cationic Polymer Drilling Fluid Seawater Small Cationic Polymer Drilling Fluid Seawater Small Cationic Polymer Drilling Fluid