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Wallpaper Flake Premium Product Introduction


Product Facts

Appearance: Free flowing off-white flakes

Applications: Wallpaper glue


Raw material for ready-to-use wallpaper glue

Do-it yourself consumer packaging

Product Description:

Preserved, reduced flake size, carboxymethylated potato starch which rapidly form a ready to use wallpaper paste with minimal waiting time. 

Hosea Chem Wallpaper Flake Premium can be used for many types of wallpaper including non-woven, vinyl and heavy embossed wallpaper.

Hosea Chem Wallpaper Flake Premium produces sustainable wallpaper glue based on potato starch with excellent slide and adhesive strength, easy- and lump free water soluble. 

Hosea Chem Wallpaper Flake Premium is a readily biodegradable wallpaper glue. 

Hosea Chem Wallpaper Flake Premium is a flake which is developed to meet the requirements from around the world.


Readily biodegradable wallpaper glue

Easy and faster dissolving

Excellent slide properties

Excellent adhesive strength

Translucent paste

Short textured paste


The wallpaper adhesive series includes 4 varieties:

for paper wallpaper,

for all types of vinyl wallpaper,

for non-woven wallpaper,

for heavy, structured, special types of wallpaper.

Wallpaper Flake Premium Appearance

Wallpaper Flake Appearance Wallpaper Flake Wallpaper Flake Solution

Серия обойных клеев включает 4 разновидности: 

для бумажных обоев, 

для всех видов виниловых обоев, 

для обоев на флизелиновой основе,

для тяжелых, структурированных, специальных видов обоев.

"PREMIUM WALLPAPER FLAKE 204" - BASED ADHESIVE carboxymethylated potato starch (55-80%) C adding sodium chloride 5,0-10%, 0.5-5.0% sodium hydroxide, preservative-N, N ', N' -triene (BETAGIDROKSIETIL) hexahydro-1,3,5 triazine 1.0-1.5%

"EMCOL RU 6" - GLUE starch-based (in the form of flakes of white color, obtained by processing STARCH sodium hydroxide) for wallpapering or poster (poster)