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Product Description

Product Name: Para Cresol

Another Name: p-Cresol,Para-Cresol,4-Cresol,4-Methylphenol

CAS No.: 106-44-5

Molecular formula: C7H8O

Molecular weight: 108.14

Boiling point: 202℃

Melting point: 32-34℃

Specification (Premium Grade)

Para-Cresol Content(%): 99.0% min

Moisture(%): 0.10% max

Hazen: 60 max

Crystallization Point(℃): 33.80 min

Meta-Cresol Content (%): 0.80 max

Diphenol Content (%): 0.40 max

Production introduction:

Para-cresol is a base material used widely in fine chemical production.  It is traditionally extracted from coal tar, which is a the volatilized material obtained in the coke production process. This resulting residue contains a small percentage of phenol and cresols.  Depending on the processing temperature, para-cresol then becomes a colorless liquid or a crystal with a special 'coal-tar' smell.

Para-cresol is a colorless liquid or liquid with a special odor obtained by using toluene as raw material, using sulfuric acid as sulfonating agent, sulfonation, neutralization, alkali fusion, acidification and separation. Crystal, flammable, insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether, chloroform and hot water, etc. p-cresol is weakly acidic and reacts with sodium hydroxide to form a soluble sodium salt, but does not react with sodium carbonate; p-cresol sodium salt reacts with an alkylating agent such as dimethyl sulfate to form a phenolic ether; with Aldehydes react to produce synthetic resin; catalytic hydrogenation produces methylcyclohexanol. Para-cresol is easily oxidized and becomes darker when exposed to light and air, producing quinones and other complex compounds.

Para-cresol is an important basic raw material for fine chemical production and has the characteristics of extensive extension and multiplication of downstream products. It is mainly used to produce antioxidants for synthetic materials. For example, antioxidant 264 (BHT for short) is the most widely used and used antioxidant in plastics. It has good antioxidant effect, high thermal stability, and no pollution to plastics. , non-coloring, and good compatibility with plastics. Para-cresol can also be used in the production of nearly 100 kinds of downstream products such as pharmaceutical intermediates, disinfectants, dyes and pesticides. Antioxidants, plasticizers, and anti-UV absorbers made from high-purity p-methylphenol have greatly improved the quality of organic synthetic materials.

The company took the lead in applying the internationally advanced distillation and crystallization coupling technology, making the purity of Para-cresol reach 99.9%, the crystallization point is above 34°C, and the quality has reached the international leading level. It has formed strategic cooperative relationships with world-renowned companies such as BASF and Bayer, and is an important production base of para-methylphenol in the world.


1. Industrial uses: Para Cresol can be used to manufacture preservatives, disinfectants and solvents. It also serves as a catalyst and solvent in the rubber and resin industries.

2. Medical uses: Para Cresol is used in the pharmaceutical field to prepare certain drugs and disinfectants, and can be used as a bactericide.

3. Agricultural uses: Para Cresol can be used in the agricultural field as an insecticide and fungicide.

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