Hosea Chem’s R&D team is formed upon its continuous focus on quality control and its high attention to Cellulose ether, Chloride, Hydroxide, Nitrate, High End Chemicals. Its R&D team helps Hosea Chem enhance its overall competence by providing customers innovative technology and value added services.


        Hosea Chem’s R&D team provides services including:

        ◎ Testing and analysis

        ◎ Custom synthesis and production

        ◎ Process optimization and technical consultancy


        Chemical products are analyzed by advanced laboratory instruments, including LPSA, Zeta analysis meter, High performance chemisorption apparatus, AAS, STA and Full distillation chromatograph in our laboratory and cooperative research institutes, which helps Hosea Chem to supervise key steps of reactions and control product quality.


        Instruments used to perform such analysis are including:

        Sodium Carboxymethyl CelluloseCMCSodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose 

        CMCSodium Carboxymethyl CelluloseSodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose