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China ​Anhydrous Sodium Sulfite

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Anhydrous Sodium Sulfite

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【Molecular formula】: Na2SO3

【CAS number】:7757-83-7

【Product grade】: Industrial grade

【Content】: Mainly 90%, 93%; 96%, 97%, 98%

【Main physical and chemical properties】: Appearance is white powder; its aqueous solution is alkaline, with a pH value of about 9-9.5. At 33.4°C, the highest solubility is about 28%. When exposed to air, it is oxidized into sodium sulfate. When exposed to high temperatures, Decomposes into sodium sulfide.

【Packaging】: 25kg small bag/1000kg white neutral ton bag

China|sodium sulfite|Manufacturer|factory|supplier|exporter-Hosea Chem


1. In the printing and dyeing industry, it is used as a deoxidizer and bleaching agent in the scouring of various cotton fabrics to prevent local oxidation of cotton fibers and affect fiber strength.

2. In the water treatment industry, it is used as a dechlorinating agent for electroplating wastewater, drinking water, and swimming pool water.

3. Used as lignin remover in paper industry.

4. Used as a stabilizer for man-made fibers in the textile industry.

5. Used as water reducing agent in the concrete construction industry.

6. The organic industry can be used to make sodium thiosulfate, cellulose sulfite, etc.

7. It can also be used in electronics, washing, cosmetics, antiseptic, leather, photosensitive, pesticide, mineral processing and other industries.

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